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Things that we do NOT carry, currently
Top Soil

Supplies (such as greenhouse plastic, watering wands, large pots, soil test kits)

Grass Seed
We carry a wide variety of annuals that work well for our Alaskan summers! We plant them in stages so that they are always the perfect size for transplanting
Trees & Shrubs
We have a wide assortment of hardy-for-Alaska perennials. These are usually ready by mid May. We have various sizes and can help you find the right plant for that specific spot.
We only sell trees and shrubs that are hardy for Alaska. We carry ornamental varieties as well as functional, and edible varieties. 
Veggies & Herbs
We carry a large variety of cold weather, short season vegetables and our herb selection is to die for! 

HERBS 2023 List

VEGGIES 2023 List
Hanging Baskets 
& Other  Arrangements
Customer Service
We have developed a reputation for having jaw-dropping hanging baskets, planters, and flower pouches. We offer them through a special order program and also provide our store with thousands more to sell throughout the season. 
Our knowledgeable staff is there to help with any project, question, or idea you might have. Besides offering a quality product, customer service is first priority.