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This page is for HANGING BASKET, PLANTER, FLOWER POUCH special orders only. 
Please bear with us as we update ourselves into the 21st Century! 

-At this time we DO NOT accept special orders for anything except baskets, planters, and flower pouches 
during the special order time-frame Sorry! 

Please DO NOT pay for anything unless you have received an invoice  and/or confirmation of order. 
Use these photos as a tool to help you decide what you would like this season. 

If you like a photo, please RIGHT CLICK & SAVE, then ATTACH to an email.

We can recreate most elements in all previous arrangements. 
We are done accepting special orders for this year. Please see this schedule to mark your calendar for next year!
DO NOT WORRY!! We will have THOUSANDS more hanging baskets for sale in our store the entire month of May.
Here is the schedule:

February 1     - Repeat orderers can order via phone or email. They will receive an email reminder.
February 15   - New customers can order via Phone or email. 
March 1          - We open our doors, for a chance to look at a current catalog. We can work with you face to face to create the perfect arrangement. 
March 10        - DEADLINE for all orders- This is a loose deadline, and sometimes we run out of room for some things sooner than this, sometimes later. 
                         We try to accommodate as many as we can without compromising the quality of our work. 
Hanging Baskets from 2018
Hanging Basket Archive
Hanging Baskets from 2017
2019 Pricing

12" Hanging Basket         -   $55
MEGA Hanging Basket    -   $100
Flower Pouch                   -   $40
Planters                            -   VARY
Holding fee*                      -    5% of purchase
                                            (ie: $2.75 per 12" or $5 per Mega)                                   

*We have managed to keep our prices the same as they have been for the past couple years, however this year we will begin to charge a 5% holding fee. This goes to pay for the extra space that these need to grow big and healthy, and toward the extra care they they receive. 
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For more information about ordering Hanging Baskets, Planters, and Flower Pouches for 2019.

Special Orders 2019 ONLY